Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Devil Visits The Zoo

Apparantly there's been some strange goings on at the zoo.

I got this message when I logged on this morning

[14:40]  Buccaneer Braveheart: Hello, I have filed an abuse report on Mr. Cloven Hoof for acting like a child predator   while my family was visiting  the Parktown Zoo. I have both copies of his text messages to my daughter and screenshots of the incident.  I wish to request that you ban him form the zoo, as to prevent any more of this type of behavior. Thank you.. Buc

[14:41]  Boyd Doghouse: hi. send me the note cards would you?

[14:42]  Buccaneer Braveheart: yes, one moment

[14:47]  Boyd Doghouse: Cool thanks.  I"ll get right on this.

Here's the Note he sent:

[22:39] Cloven Hoof: Hello little girl
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Want to have some REAL fun?
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Leave the zoo with me
[22:40] Cloven Hoof: Your parents don't want you any more
[22:42] Cloven Hoof: Leave your child with me
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: Seriously
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: You should take your little pretend brat and leave
[22:43] Cloven Hoof: I AM very strange

I don't think the pretend devil actually did any damage to the pretend child at the pretend zoo or her pretend parents.

I've made arrangements for a pretend priest to come and bless the zoo to preclude an further involvement by the devil, just in case.

Apparently the Lindens declined to remove Mr Hoof from the grid.

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