Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avoid the N Word

You know, I'm from Mississippi, home of the KKK, segregated schools, Ross Barnett and a bunch of stuff that would curl your hair, and living in Mississippi, where racism still runs deep in our veins, I hear people use the "n-word" in conversations public and private maybe two or three times a month tops.

When I come on SecondLife though, there are places where I can hear the word two or three times and hour and more.

I get that it's supposed to be shocking and funny and "deh interwebs is serious business" and all that bullshit, but really guys, enough is enough.  It's not funny anymore, it's just stupid.  It's gotten to the point where you can't tell who's using the word in the traditional sense of "I hate black people" or "I'm an inbred retard redneck" and who's just being an interwebs nihilist hipster.

Had these people grown up in Mississippi, they would have learned like I did that you avoid the N-Word, not because it hurts people's feelings or it increases your chance of getting your ass handed to you by big black guys (although those are serious considerations), but because it makes you look stupid.

I'm going to avoid calling for something like "a day without the N-Word on SL", because that would just make it worse, but come on guys... really, get the thumb out of your ass and realize the joke stops being funny when everybody starts telling it.

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  1. Boyd, you and I are of a generation that todays kids have only read about...assuming they did learn to actually read.
    I know I'm RL a tad older than you, but you came from a lil further south. I saw "colored" water fountains and rest rooms...and you likely did as well.
    I know we both saw members of our community just walk to the back of the city bus because it was easier.
    I remember our conversation one evening at Benares discussing the RL picture of a sweet looking, long haired, hippy looking kid, whos profile said he was "Compton". And we knew he probably had no idea that he shouldn't even walk down a Compton street after 5pm. {'cause a lot of the residents of that city haven't forgotten "the back of the bus".

    There seem to be two common groups that use racial epithets...those that are blatantly rascist...and the wanna bees. At this point perhaps we can help educate the wanna bees, I doubt there's much hope for the blatantly rascist.
    Time will fix that...just kinda sad that we won't live to see it.
    Great post...silence is deadly...


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