Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who is the King of Hanja?

I used to work at a company that had a warehouse in a downtown urban center.  Behind the warehouse was an alley and in the alley lived this homeless guy.  If you asked the homeless guy, he would tell you he owned that alley and he owned it because that's where he spent his time, sleeping, eating, hanging out and occasionally taking a crap in the corner.

The company would tell you they owned the alley.  They bought it.  They had a deed on it and paid taxes on it and somewhere in the city records was a line saying they owned it.

The police generally agreed with the company, and occasionally they would come and remove the homeless guy, but even if he spent a couple of nights in jail or the mental hospital, he always found his way back to his home in the alley.

In the grand scheme of things, I can't tell you who was right.  The company had a piece of paper saying they owned the alley, but they never really used it, where the homeless guy had no piece of paper but he used the alley every day.  Aliens observing us from space would probably say the homeless guy was the real king of the alley.

Recently Nero has proclaimed himself "King of Hanja".  You might think a guy who's been banned dozens and dozens of times can't possibly be King of anywhere in SecondLife, but maybe he's like the homeless guy.

He's king because he spends his time in Hanja, and occasionally takes a crap in the corner and no matter how many times the Lindens remove him, he always finds his way back to his alley kingdom.  Nobody particularly likes him there, but as he's never found anywhere else to go--that's his alley, and in his alley, he's the homeless king.

To us, it seems logical that people who have been repeatedly banned have no place in SecondLife, but to them the fact that they spend so much time there gives them the right to be there, even if they have to return after a trip to the mental hospital.

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