Monday, July 26, 2010

Three Rules of a Happy SecondLife

I've mentioned these three simple rules often.  Stick with them and your SecondLife will go along just fine.

Don't Fall In Love:
You'll hear about who partnered who and people who met on SecondLife and got married in real life, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen to you.  The vast majority of SecondLife romances are very, very short-lived and many of the people who leave SecondLife do so because of a romance gone bad.

The truth is: there's a lot of data you need to make good romantic choices that just isn't transmitted by SecondLife and you won't even know you're missing this important information until it smacks you in the face like a dead trout.

There is sex in SecondLife and lots of it, but don't seek it out, let it find you. It's out there but it aint really that great and if you spend your time seeking it out, you're going to be disappointed.

Leave Your Ego Out of the Game
If you come to SecondLife hoping to shore up a fractured ego or if you hope to impress people by how much of a bad-ass you are, prepare to look foolish.  Your avatar might look like Arnold Schwarzenegger with long hair, but that doesn't mean you won't get spanked by a chipmunk in a baseball cap.

We're all pretty much equal here and as long as that's ok with you then SecondLife can be a lot of fun, but if you're the kind of person who needs to feel like  you're above somebody then it's just not going to end well for you. 

That goes double for griefers and trolls.  They come saying it's for the lulz, but the leave wondering why they ever bothered in the first place.

Find Something Else To Do:
If all you do on SecondLife is hang out and chat, then eventually human nature will kick in and you'll be miserable and give up on it.  Find something else to do like, building, art, music, games, role-play, even just sight seeing will do, but you need a break from the human element of SecondLife occasionally or the human element will drive you to distraction.  Fortunately, SecondLife excels at offering these other options, so they're there if  you would only look.

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  1. So well said Boyd...I've told nooblets for a couple years now to find a passion that speaks to them.
    We all find sex...hopefully early and survive.


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