Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Real Life In SecondLife

There are tons of people I've known in real life that I'd love to meet in SecondLife.  Interesting and intelligent I'd be fascinated to know what they made of the experience.

And then there are others...

A slow night, and in the mood for a bit of exploring, I landed in one of the lesser-known info hubs.  I'm fairly accustom to rezzing into the middle of completely uninteresting conversations.  In a world full of infinite variety, it's just the luck of the draw sometimes.

These two women were talking about laundry and drinking and some in-world drama or another and I was on the brink of mentally tuning them out completely, when I realized that one of the voices sounded very familiar. 

She mentioned the place she worked and the town she lived in and I thought to myself "no WAY..."

And then I checked her RL tab and photo...

I met her in college.  She was loud and obnoxious then, and more than a bit dense.  Realizing we had nothing in common and noticing that the sound of her voice made my stomach sour, I just avoided her.  For twenty years I've avoided her. 

Avoiding her was never enough though.  She's one of those people who show up from time to time in your life just because the fates enjoy annoying you and for years I've occasionally run across her in Walmart, at the DMV and now on SecondLife.

I hadn't spoken on voice yet, and she and her friend hadn't noticed me yet, so I TP'ed away pretty quickly.

I escaped this time, but out there, somewhere in SecondLife, is a very annoying side of my first life, and I know at some point I'm going to have to confront this gorgon and say "hi"...

Or I could bag it and head for OS grid or WOW...

A voice changer!  That's the ticket!


  1. I've tried to interest several people over the years in coming here...I think one stayed a week. One friend, that while I didn't invite here, came via a school/work project. That one also didn't stay after the project was finished but her daughter stayed for nearly a year.

    As for the least favorite people in my life............Please Jesus don't let me find them anywhere, specialy here.


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