Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Cheaters

Let us travel to the exotic south continent sim of Gye Ran and the Persian inspired Yo Animations shop.

The map shows 15 people, but where are they?  Here they are! Under the shop.  They used to be on a platform at 4,000 meters but somebody (!) kept knocking them in every direction, so their owner, Grey Kranfel, decided to move them somewhere safe.  Kranfel loves illegal bots.  Lets look at another one of his builds. 

Just 12 bots this time.  4,000 meters in the air.

 Here's the man himself.  For a guy who sells (and supposedly makes rather than just steals) animations, his AO makes him look something like one of those Santa robots you see in store windows around Christmas.

Except for Grey and myself there wasn't anybody on the sim who wasn't a bot.  This guy is responsible for 30 active accounts on the grid every day.

It doesn't seem to be doing him any good though because none of his locations seem to have any real customers.  Just bots.  What a retard.

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