Monday, July 19, 2010

Forgetting to Advertise?

Since I write a blog about SecondLife, I also read other blogs about Secondlife. 

Several of them use different forms of advertising to earn a few sheckles off their blog and one thing I've noticed is that almost none of them have ads for SecondLife, but they almost always have ads for competing services like IMVU or E.V.E and the like.

Blog advertising, be it Google Adwords or something similar, works off the concept of key words.  If you blog contains certain key words, then the advertising server offers up ads related to it.  The bloggers themselves are pretty much out of the loop and it's automatic.

What happens is, somebody like IMVU places and order with ad words to post their ad on blogs that contain the keywords SecondLife and pay so much per impression or click.  This is Google's main form of revenue.

That IMVU would want to be advertised on blog posts about SecondLife is Basic Marketing Strategy 101.  Advertise wherever your competition is mentioned.  Linden Labs however is forgetting another basic marketing rule, which is: don't forget to advertise to your existing users. 

Especially now, with so many existing users uncomfortable and unsettled about SL's future, Linden Labs should be advertising heavily on all the blogs about SecondLife.

I'm also surprised that none of the larger content providers and land barons aren't using google adwords to reach their market.  It would be easy enough to have an ad link to your XStreet page, for instance.

Maybe LL and SL content creators are so focused on life in-world they forget there are other means of reaching their market.  They shouldn't though.  All those ads for IMVU are going to attract some people to convert from SL. 

I'm a little surprised nobody has written a google gadget to sell advertising on SL related blogs that sells ad space for lindens.  It seems like that'd be easy to do and a fairly logical development.


  1. That I know of, SL has only once tried to add "monetization" of blogs to their advertising strategy: the Second Life Affiliate Program (through either Google or Linkshare) where the blogger would get a whopping USD 5 kickback for any Premium signups generated by a click-through.

    I have no idea if any SL-related bloggers have taken them up on it. Thanks to the Adblock plug-in for Firefox, I don't see ads on blogs, period. As for my own blog: beyond my objection to ads on principle, I know the size of my readership. The potential for click-throughs is not worth is aesthetic cost of adding ugly intrusive widgets, no matter whose they are.

  2. /me agrees with Lalo on the aesthetics..... a few bucks to make your blog ugly as sin doesn't seem worth it. As we know LL spends almost nothing on advertising...and that only to the 'realistically' minded beautiful people.

  3. That's a pretty high pay out for a web based advertising program. I'm surprised more people don't use it. Being a bounty on premium memberships rather than just clicks, I doubt if it pays out very often though.

    I may experiment with it just to see what's up.

    Maybe it's just that I have ADD, but I've never minded secondary levels of communication like ads. Sometimes they tell a story that's as interesting as whatever you're reading.


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