Saturday, June 26, 2010

SecondLife is a Dirty Tramp

The difference between a tease and a tramp is that a tramp delivers on her promises, but a tease never does.

Recently, millions of people flocked to the cinema to watch movies like "Avatar" in "3-D".  Cinematic 3-D isn't three-dimensional at all.  It's a centuries old parlor trick called stereoscope which confuses the mind into thinking a two-dimensional image has three dimensions by combining two similar images.

It's a tease though because, although it looks like the image might be three-dimensional, there's still no way you can see what's behind that rock on the right because you're locked in two-dimensions. 

It's nothing new either.  Stereoscopic cinema has been around since the forties and first became popular in the 50's with movies like "Gorilla at Large" and "The Creature From The Black Lagoon".  The only real difference between what they had then and what we have now is the cheap cardboard glasses have been replaced with cheap plastic glasses.

Some people, like me, can't really enjoy stereoscopic cinema because the illusion sometimes makes the viewer's eyes jump around slightly trying to figure out where to focus causing a head ache after about 30 minutes.

A format like SecondLife though really is three-dimensional.  You can see what's behind the rock or up or down or under because there really is a third dimension in the format.  Of the two, 3-D Cinema is a tease, but Secondlife is a dirty tramp because it actually delivers what it promises. 

Can you imagine what incredible experience someone could make if they had a SecondLife budget half the size of what James Cameron spent on the movie Avatar.

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