Sunday, June 6, 2010

SecondLife Cops

No matter what anyone tells you, there is just one "police force" in SecondLife, and that's the Linden governance team.

There have been many attempts by users to form vigilante groups in SL, but the Lindens have never sanctioned any of them. Despite what you read in the Alphaville Herald, there's little if any evidence that the Lindens ever did much more than simply tolerate the Justice League or Green Lantern groups.

Sometimes, members of the (formerly Linden sanctioned) mentor's group get the idea they were benighted forces of justice in SecondLife, but I know of at least one of them who lost his membership by being such a pain about it. Mentors never had any power in SL, their purpose was to help new users, not inflate their own ego (which is probably why they don't exist any more).

The truth is: we're all pretty much equal when it comes to enforcing the terms of service in SL.

Knowing how to accurately and effectively write an abuse report might make it easier for the governance team to act on the ones you write, but nobody has preference in getting the lindens to act on the AR's they file.

By the same token, working for law enforcement in RL is about as cogent in SL as working as a lumberjack, so never allow anyone to intimidate you with that line.

Some people desperately want power in SL, the power to tell people like you what to do--but wanting and getting aren't the same thing, so don't let anyone tell you any different. We're all basically in the same boat and subject to the same rules and the only people with any power to enforce these rules have "Linden" as their last name.

I mention all this because last night, some goomer named Joshius Mistwalker told a friend of mine he was a sheriff's deputy in real life and "working with" the lindens and then gave her a list of things he wanted her to do and not do.

Amused by this, I immediately sent an IM to Joshius calling him an idiot and questioning the size and functionality of his genital organs. He proceeded to tell me that he was a deputy sheriff in real life and even gave me his badge number and that I should be afraid of him and if I was in his county, I'd be in his squad car by now.

You can imagine the giggles I got from this nimrod in a rural county state trying to intimidate me on SL. Since his credentials as a deputy didn't impress me, he changed tactic and tried to tell me how important he was because he was a part-time DJ and investor in an FM radio station in the same rural county. Really... Where do these guys come from?

So, if you happen across Joshius Mistwalker in SecondLife, be sure and send him my regards, and remember kids, if their name isn't Linden they aint a real Secondlife cop.


  1. ZOMG! Now Boyd, I think you know me well enough.......I gotta find this moron.
    (Hard to type through the tears of laughter)

    {And yes, quietly spoken in the halls of Battery street I'm sure,...There were a large group of volunteers that became too large to be effectively monitored} A few bad apples rotting the barrels.

  2. Interesting and informative as well as entertaining. I follow your blog why not follow mine?

  3. I do follow yours pie. You're even listed in the "Friends of Hanja" section on the right-hand column of this blog.


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