Friday, June 4, 2010

Mississippi Delta Blues in Secondlife

I visited the Mississippi Delta Blues sim for a SL live musical performance.

It's an interesting experience to visit a place in SecondLife patterned after a real life place so near to home. The sim is much smaller than the real delta, of course, but for a couple of Canadian blues fans they did a pretty good job of capturing the spirit of the place.

Compare the "crossroads" sign at the Mississippi Delta blues above with with the real one below.

Not a bad likeness, I think. My only tongue-in-cheek complaint was that the cotton fields were too clean. They needed some johnson grass sprouting up here and there.

They even had a version of the Compson house from Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury". I half expected to see Benjy running from fence post to fence post looking for his sister to come home.

You can visit the Mississippi Delta Blues sim in-world here:

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  1. This is not three real crossroads they are down town at Martin Luther King Boulivard at the Rail Road Tracks, the town put the statue of the guitars Foote the Visitors Driving through the town.


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