Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let Us Buy The Company

There's been a lot of talk and concern lately about the management and direction of Secondlife, and a lot of guesses about where the owners want the company to do.

SecondLife has always been a place of innovation and embracing new ideas, how about this one?

Let us buy the company.

Existing stock-holders could offer their shares for sale, in world, for lindens. We already have an exchange for trading linden dollars, why not add shares of the company into the mix?

There have been lots of user-owned companies before, but never a user-owned virtual world.

Ownership would give SecondLife users something they always wanted: control, and it would give the current owners the pay-out they've been hoping for.

Linden Labs has always acted as a government for SecondLife, user-ownership would change that government to something similar to a democracy, or at least a republic, which could dramatically enhance the SecondLife experience, which would draw new users, which would enhance the stock price and so on in a cycle that benefits everyone.

There would have to be some juggling to make the idea work, both legally and financially, but there are great possibilities here. SecondLife needs a paradigm shift to continue growing as it has in the past. Perhaps something like this is the answer.


  1. Can't hurt...sign me up.
    Of course I think we all know that a lot will agree...then freeze when it comes time to open their wallets, but heck yes Boyd...can't hurt to investigate.
    There's 19,000,000 accounts but I would suspect fewer than perhaps 2,000,000 that return over a years time.
    Hmmm..../me resets abacus....$100 each equals $200,000,000.

  2. Just saw this..great minds?

  3. Yep, Boyd, we are obviously on the same page here....


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