Sunday, June 20, 2010

Secondlife Mole Tours: The Ichelus Volcano

Place: Woodbine
Rating: Mature
Status: Beauty Area
Continent: Jeogeot
Owned By: Governor Linden - Maintenance Group
Scripts: Yes
Voice: Yes
Building/Rezzing: No
Builder(s): Deep Mole, Mini Mole, Naughty Mole

At the center of the Southern Continent, not far from Hanja, there is an active volcano.

Built by Deep Mole of the Linden Department of Public Works, the Ichelus Volcano erupts several times a day.  There is a sign at the base of the volcano telling when the next eruption is scheduled.

For those having a bad day, there is a diving board on the edge of the volcano, and in the mouth of the volcano damage is enabled so jumping in really will kill your avatar  (although you'll be resurrected at your home location moments later.)

For boating aficionados, the lake surrounding the volcano is equipped with regatta buoys for yacht racing.

You can visit the volcano here:

Guide to Jeogeot

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