Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Visit to Retropolis

Imagine you're adrift in the mysterious South China Sea, on a tiny junk, in the middle of a monsoon and a giant octopus attacks! What do you do? Why dance of course!

That's exactly what happens in the wonderful build "Retropolis", by Tricia Farella. She calls it her "Adventure Sim" and home for all her experiments. I wonder if the giant octopus started out as an experiment.

Lectramossa swabs the deck

Deano strikes a pose, just before blowing chunks over the rail

Somehow Quinby ended up in a cage. She kind of does that a lot.

Sabre got her foot caught in a rope and ended up just hanging around.

If you like the boat, you can buy it on X-Street.

Tricia Farella and I are in danger of being eaten by her creation, the Swamp Troll.

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