Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Stuff From the Lindens

Although the Lindens count on us for building most of the content you see in SecondLife, they also hire some very talented builders to create content for Governor Linden owned property.

They're called "Moles" and they're regular Secondlife users, like you or me, working part-time and full-time for Linden Labs building stuff.

You already own a bunch of Mole-built items. They're in the library section of your inventory. There are locations around the grid though, where you can get even more, and the it's all free!

Here are some of the locations where you can load up on FREE Linden Mole goodies

Mole Mart
Bay City

When you go to these Mole Depots, click on everything and see if you can take a copy or buy for zero lindens. Then open the item from your inventory like you would a box from a store. Inside will be lots of free goodies, especially for builders like textures and accessories.

There are cool houses and buildings too and even some gestures.

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